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YOUTH as Equals

If we really think of youth as equals, then we really wouldn’t refer to them by their age.

They would just be equals and then how we identify them would be by their characteristics, smarts, talents, gifts and quirks, right?

Art Around The House

August 2012 Art

Student Art

I love student art!  I love almost any art!  I love active learning!


August in the US usually means youth and families are changing gears, getting ready to go back to school.

As adults, I find many are also taking stock of what is ahead, what is the new learning, what is the next challenge, what is the next climb.

I think adults follow the same rituals as young people, prepare the pens, download the new software, take out the paper, build a calendar.  But the rest of the rituals are those we have to create, opening parties, scheduling our own classes, creating time for vacations.


I am preparing to teach.  I am preparing to teach those who will teach.

Train the Trainer.

But most of these people are exceptionally skilled.

Or almost all the people who are exceptionally skilled.

Which makes my job harder and simultaneously easier.

I keep thinking, how do we really learn?  More than what methodology works.  How is it that we take something in and it becomes part of our soul, part of who we are, part of what we teach others.  I am just going to keep thinking about that.  Hoping I get some clarity!  Thoughts?