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We make fun of each other.  It is what we do in life, to show our love, to show a familiarity.  It is how Irish Catholic families pass on their traditions of storytelling and guilt at the same time.  I love sparring with my brother Michael (who alternately works for ...

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Strategy... How to make things better? How to push on one lever to impact another? How to support and sing real praises? How to listen, really listen? How to let others speak first.... How to engage smart young people? How to speak from the heart... How to engage in real discussions on real topics that people care about? How ...

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Each time we embark on something new, we open our eyes in a different way. We notice elements of the experience differently. When you land in a new place, you have to take it in differently, for guideposts, markers, unique characteristics. Each time I land in ...

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For all those interested in education reform, most will concede we have failed MANY our youth by giving up on them, left them with a system designed for the industrial revolution, instruction with limited to no relevancy for today's world and often encourage youth to find a ...

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Resources for Youth Workers

Anyone interested in a class on:


at UROC, Plymouth Ave North on:

Wed Nov. 28, Dec. 5 & 12?

Teaching with my favorite researcher,

Rebecca Saito and

4H’er Nicole Pokorney and

more than a few young people.  Interested?  Forward?  Referral?

Youth Engagement Matters

A Youth Work Institute Course

Print a one page summary on Youth Engagement Matters

Training based on a new research framework, Rings of Engagement, which emphasizes the range of types of youth engagement and youth-adult partnerships. The series includes a deep dive into four ways in which we can engage youth:

  • through participation in programs,
  • by fostering individual passion through experiences and activities,
  • by creating space and place for youth voice in programs,
  • and through collective action to make change with youth and adults as partners.

Class time will be spent reviewing and discussing case studies from programs with high youth engagement models and strategies, opportunities to network with your colleagues, and critical readings and reflection time.  Some questions discussed include “what youth participate in programs, what youth don’t and why?”  And, “how can high youth engagement program models and strategies work in my program?” At the end of the session, youth workers will see “youth engagement is a lifestyle, not a method” (Ed Irwin, Kwanzaa youth Center).

How it works:

  • 15 to 18-hour format over 3 to 6 meetings

What you’ll have when you walk away:

  • A deeper understanding of the Rings of Engagement framework
  • A set of case studies with models and ideas for replication
  • New engagement strategies applicable to working with young people

Who should attend:

Front-line youth workers and mid-level organizational leaders.


Beki Saito
Nicole Pokorney
Colleen McLaughlin

Dates and location:

Nov. 28, Dec. 5 & 12

9 a.m. – 2 p.m. (lunch will be provided)

UROC, 2001 Plymouth Ave. N.,  Minneapolis map

Cost: $100